Bringing coffee, mezcal or chocolate from MX to US or CAN

Yes you can!! 👍
Although regulations change once in a while, it is possible for you to bring some of our products home. The US is in general much more accesible, while Canada is sometimes more exigent.  There is no restriction in BOTH countries to take Chocolate of Coffee for personal consumption (US doesn’t mention any specific amount, while Canada list 20 kilos).
With alcohol, regulations vary per state. In general, you can bring up to 1.14 liters in Canada and 2 in the US… however, if you wish to enter with more that that, you can do it, but you will have to pay taxes for them. We can invoice your products, so that you can have a proof of purchase with the price you paid. 
Below is more detailed information for Canada: according to the Canada Customs website and Clearit, this is the information for these products:
You can bring up to 1.14 Liters free of taxes.
Can you bring more? YES, but you might have to pay taxes. Check the allowance table for your province. It might be worth paying, since it’s not easy to find them in Canada!
You can bring up to 20 KILOS! Or Liters (depending on the presentation). Again, bringing them with you will give you joy, and nice memories, plus you will help small producers.
So spoil yourself and contact us to place your order.
We can help you wrap the product for a safe travel.