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Refund and Return Policy

As always, at 6 Senses we do our best to ensure that problems are resolved in a friendly and simple way. Below we present our returns and refunds policy. We thank you for considering that we are a small company, but very respectful of the rights of everyone: artisans, marketers and customers.

Returns and refunds

If you did not like any of the products you received or it does not satisfy your tastes and interests, we thank you for letting us know as soon as you are able to try it or see it. Remember that handmade products are not always identical to the photograph, however we make every effort to ensure that they meet the quality and function for which they were made.

If the product still does not meet your expectations, please follow these instructions:

  • Contact us on this WhatsApp and tell us what happened, adding a photograph or clear description.
  • Remind us of your name and the date of your purchase
  • We will be happy to contact you to see if the product should be returned, if we only make a monetary refund, or if we can reach an agreement on a bonus, price adjustment or something that both parties are happy with

Depending on your payment method, we could make a partial refund of your purchase. If it was cash or bank transfer, there should be no problem; If it was via Pay Pal, we may have to retain a percentage of 4-5% of the total, because it is a commission that Pay Pal does not return to us. We appreciate your understanding.

Problems during transportation

Although we have the best allies to ship your pieces, accidents are possible. Our crash record is minimal, but if it happens, here are our policies:

  • When you open your box, be sure to take pictures of how it was packaged. It is rare, but it can happen that transport or customs open the boxes and do not repackage with enough care. We can complain.
  • If the part(s) are damaged or broken, please take several photos and send them to our WhatsApp
  • Glass bottles are never fully insured, but they can be insured. IF you purchased insurance when purchasing your bottles, we will take care of 90% of your refund and reshipment, as well as the claim to the carrier, as long as you support us with the photographs.
  • If you DID NOT purchase insurance, we will help as we can, but we cannot be responsible for the entire cost of the product and reshipment. We offer you in situations like this, to participate with up to 50% of the value of the shipment and the product.
  • In the case of pieces that are NOT glass bottles with mezcal, we will proceed to refund the merchandise, as long as you support us by sending the corresponding photographs.
  • In cases of transportation problems, we can gladly find a way to send you a new part or product free of charge, but we cannot take care of shipping.

At 6 Senses we trust in the power of words and negotiation. If you have any questions or inconveniences, please let us know. We will surely find a fair path for everyone.