6 Sentidos [Six Senses]

According to its characteristics, a piece can be touched, smelled, observed, heard and even tasted. The artisan work is an extension of himself, thus an unique personality. We invite you to enjoy it as if it were alive, as if it were talking to you. 

6 Sentidos was born as an artisan initiative, nevertheless on time we discovered that in order to strengthen artisan market, it is possible to add up products such as mezcal, coffee, chocolate and others, as long as they keep their philosophy. Our goal is to reach out for new markets through fair negotiations, while creating working networks.

6 Sentidos was created so that you can be part of Oaxaca, and take with you a small part of Mexico. Your purchase will definitely help us to share the message of the importance of handicrafts and food for our economy, traditions and local families. Thank you for trusting Seis Sentidos!

Thanks to our commercial allies: AREEM-Oaxaca and Mi2U !

For some, the so called “Sixth Sense” is inspiration, for others intuition and for many more, the heart, the passion.

For us there is no popular art and gastronomy without it: somehow it is the soul, passed on to the piece by its creator, his desire to share something with you, in that special place that you gave it in your hearth.