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In complex times like the ones we face, our actions matter.

At 6 Sentidos, we work with projects that foster local development, sustainability and ethics in commerce.

6 Sentidos

Things created, then sold with a philosophy

 We work with small producers who make unique Mezcal, Coffee, Chocolate, Clay and Wooden handicrafts. They all work with small batches with artisanal techniques. They use ancestral skills to create value, and they do it, as families, with passion and devotion… 

It is not easy to produce and sell at the same time, so we help them. Our prices cover our overhead, shipping, and marketing expenses, and leave us a small profit that we use to share our dream with more and more people.

The philosophy is this – To create a world that is more ethical, more just, and more genuine.

We place a high value on beneficial change.