Handicraft gifts, Oaxaca’s magic


No, we do not buy and sell this pieces: artisans sell them through Seis Sentidos because we know we can help them in this process. Once they decide to go on their own, we leave them continue their own path and look for new groups willing to jump in. This is why here, you will find a selection of their best products –chosen by themselves and our professional team– in a variety of prices and styles, so that they are affordable to everyone. 

We pay the artisan once the piece is sold, pay the corresponding taxes and we make sure that we do all the packaging with extreme care, so that they find their special place in your personal location.

Willing to visit their workshops? Check their microsites:

Santiago García

Wooden furniture

Arturo Sosa

Tin Sheet

Saúl y alma Aragón

Wood Alebrijes

Vicente Hernandez y Fam.

Alebrijes and more

Manuel y Marisela Reyes

Clay and Art

(Prices in MX$) Pick your gifts! We ship to the US and all Mexico!