Hand blown glass

Love comes with recycling

Xaquixe is a tradition in Mexico’s Southeast: a company that produces artisan blown glass through the use of recycled glass and renewable energies, such as used cooking oil and solar energy. Their pieces are the result of artistry and interest for environment.

It’s been almost 20 years since they started their project, at a time when recycling in Oaxaca was still far away from the agenda.  Nowadays, they are a unique asset for the State and the Southeast of the country. Xaquixe is also the confirmation that you can turn recycling into art. 

Unique, Isn’t it?

Colors: please check with us for color availability and take into consideration that final color might have slight changes due to the process of production. 

Transparent, Green, Lemon yellow, Zafran (orange), Blue, Violet, Fucsia, Alabaster (white), Smoke and Ambar.

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