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Mezcal artesanal, by Héctor Vásquez

In our curator’s words…

“When you drink a mezcal, you drink the minutes, months and seconds of sun, moon, rain… the mineral memory to which the agave plant was exposed during 8, 17 years.”

This web presents “producer’s mezcal”, a different kind of the one made with sole commercial purposes: they chose the bottle and the label for local consumption. Sometimes with the idea of feeling themselves represented in the commercial world, but most of the time frustrated because of the uneven competition in that arena.

Today, one of the few alternatives left to the good mezcal and artisan producers is to let them explain how, whom and where their produce has been made: it is a form of protection of their own terroir and author mezcal. At 6 sentidos, our mezcales are picked with that idea on mind: we do not try to make a “selection” of mezcal… rather than that, we contribute to offer the spirit of the plant and reflect the producer’s interests and passion.

Héctor Vázquez

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One distillation Mezcal

Artisan mezcal

From Michoacán with pride

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Learn about our mezcal selection, as told by Héctor and the producers themselves [In Spanish]

One distillation Mezcal 

Artisan Mezcal 

Proudly from Michoacán

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