Artisan Mezcal, by Héctor Vásquez

Artisan made mezcal is struggling to survive in the new panorama of big industries monopolizing its production. 

6 Sentidos is committed to support small producers who cannot afford to create a particular commercialization system but own local labels and wish to share them with people who prefer  quality over branding.

Héctor Vásquez, a specialist in artisan mezcal production, teams with us to define and suggest the best selection of mezcal for you. All of them are completely hand made in small batches. Enjoy!

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Learn about our mezcal selection, as told by Héctor and the producers themselves [In Spanish]

Wish to know more about the artisans? Visit their microsites:

Mezcal de una destilación

Mezcal Artesanal

Desde Michoacán con orgullo

One distillation Mezcal 

Artisan Mezcal 

Proudly from Michoacán

(Prices in MX$) Ready to select yours? Yes, we ship to the US!